The Book Breakthrough

This course is for people who want to turn their pain into purpose by birthing their books. In this course, I will show you how to turn your mess into a message to help others heal, write your book, overcome obstacles, write with confidence, design & format your book, market on social media & create multiple streams of income. 

~Turn Your Mess Into a Message

~WRITE Your Book 

~Identify & Overcome Personal  Writing Barriers

~Format Your Book 

~Create a Book Cover

~PUBLISH to Amazon KDP

~Learn How to Market Your Book on Social Media

~Create Multiple Streams of INCOME from Your Book

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Course

    • Welcome Video

    • My Story

  • 2

    Overcoming Obstacles

    • Identifying Personal Writing Barriers

    • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

    • How to Ignore Haters

    • Healing Unworthiness & Self-Sabotage

  • 3


    • Your Why

    • Your Audience

    • Your Payoff

  • 4

    Confidence is Everything!

    • Why You Must Be Confident

    • You're the Expert

    • Research, Research, Research!

  • 5

    Writing Your Book

    • The Importance of a Writing Schedule

    • The SECRET to Writing a Book People Actually Want to Read

    • The Different Ways to Write Your Book

    • Titling Your Book & Naming Your Chapters

    • Creating Your Book Outline

    • How Many Chapters Should Your Book Have?

  • 6

    Editing Comes First!!

    • Why You Need a Editing Plan Now!!

    • Creating Your Editing Plan

    • Is DIY Editing a Bad Idea?

    • Tips for Finding a "GOOD" Editor

    • Editing Rescources

  • 7

    Getting Your Book “Print Ready”

    • Getting Your Book "Print Ready"

    • Creating a Professional Book Cover

    • How to Format Your Book

    • How to Make Your Book Longer or Shorter

    • What are Copyright's, Barcodes & ISBN's?

  • 8

    Publishing to Amazon KDP

    • Expect Mistakes!!

    • How to Write a Book Description

    • Paperback Details

    • Paper Content

    • Pricing Your Book

    • Example Book Description with Questions

  • 9

    Create Extra INCOME

    • How Much I Make Every Month Selling Books

    • Creating Multiple Streams of INCOME from Your Book

    • How to Make More Money Without Doing Any Extra Work

    • How to Leverage Your Social Media

  • 10

    Make an IMPACT!

    • How to HELP Others Through Your Book

    • Create a Lasting LEGACY

  • 11

    Bonus: Successful Marketing

    • Creating an Author Bio

    • Why Branding is Important

    • Creating Social Media Book Posts

    • How to Promote Your Book on Social Media

    • Paid vs Free Marketing

  • 12

    More Bonuses:

    • How to Create an Interview Flyer

    • Author Press Kit

    • Author Press Kit Example

    • The Self-Publishing Checklist

  • 13

    Closing Remarks

    • Final Words