The Book Breakthrough

Many people want to write a book but get stuck because they don't know where to begin. In this course, you will write your book as well as overcome common obstacles so that you can finish your manuscript and become a self-published author. 

- Write Your Book

-Overcome Writing Obstacles

- Find Your WHY

-Write for Your Target Audience

- Build Writing Confidence 

- What You Should Know Before Writing

- Editing Tips & Resources

- How to Impact Others Through Your Book

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Course

    • Welcome Video

    • My Story

  • 2

    Discovering Your MOTIVATION

    • Your Why

    • Your Audience

    • Your Payoff

  • 3

    Building Confidence

    • Why You Must Be Confident

    • You're the Expert

    • Research, Research, Research!

  • 4

    Before You Write

    • Book Ideas

    • Finding Time to Write

    • Writing a Book People Want to Read

    • Creative Ways to Write

    • Creating a Book Outline

    • Naming Titles & Chapters

    • How Many Chapters Does My Book Need?

    • Don't Waste Your Pain

  • 5

    Overcoming Writing Obstacles

    • Identifying Personal Writing Barriers

    • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

    • Dealing with Haters

    • Healing Unworthiness & Self-Sabotage

  • 6

    All About Editing

    • Why You Need a Editing Plan Now!!

    • Creating Your Editing Plan

    • Is DIY Editing a Bad Idea?

    • Tips for Finding a "GOOD" Editor

    • Editing Rescources

  • 7

    Create Extra INCOME

    • How Much I Make Every Month Selling Books

    • Creating Multiple Streams of INCOME from Your Book

    • How to Make More Money Without Doing Any Extra Work

    • How to Leverage Your Social Media

  • 8

    How to Make an IMPACT!

    • How to HELP Others Through Your Book

    • Create a Lasting LEGACY

  • 9


    • Why Branding is Important

    • Social Media Posts

  • 10

    Closing Remarks

    • Final Words